Whole Grain Scam?

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Most people now are looking at and reading labels closely. Consumers are counting grams of fat, fiber, and trans fats like never before. Consumer Reports magazine had a report that warned consumers that they must read beyond the Whole Grain info on the label. The product shown in the article was a new whole grain Fig Newton. True to the label , it was whole grain but loaded with fat and sugar which made the cookie in the opinion of Consumer Reports an unhealthy product.

My thoughts have always been that a little bit of knowledge can at times be harmful. Some customer will look at the Alternative Bagels from Western Bagel and only be interested in the Perfect 10 or reject any bread products at all . The Perfect 10 bagel with 18 grams of protein, low fat, and 10 net carbs is a great choice ; however it should be noted that the Western Bagel line that Sugarless deLite carries is the alternative line made by the company. So if you are trying to eat healthy, pick-up any of these great bagels and read the fiber and protein content and enjoy.


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