08 January 2009


Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Chocolate Malt, Maple Nut, New York Cheesecake, and Banana Macadamia Nut.

Parfait Day! All parfaits are on sale for $2.99 today (regularly $3.99) when you ask for the special. If you haven't tried the parfaits, they are a wonderful low calorie, 150, treat.

The bagels, pita, and English Muffins are all back in stock from Western Bagels. We are completely restocked on all of these products. We should also be back on our regular Thursday schedule. We have all varieties on hand (Blueberry, Sweet Wheat, Cinnamon, White, and Onion, and Perfect 10) as well as the pita and English Muffins. Get your fresh breads today.

The update for the website is on hold. We tried to make some changes to the front page, but we could not easily make the changes. So, we've got what we've got for another few months until we have a collection of additional changes that need to be made. That way, we'll get them all done at once.

I'm ready for tax season now. I picked a new file system yesterday to help organize the paperwork. I've never had to do this before, but I've found that my tax returns have gotten more complicated over the last few years. So, we invested in a file holder and 25 hanging files made of 100% post-consumer waste. :)

While I probably won't be able to file until mid-February because of all of the paper work that I will need to collect, I should have a decent idea of the return/dues by the end of the month. Some odd part of me has always enjoyed doing my taxes. That might be because I've always managed to at least eek out a return, but even without the return, I just like working the numbers.

Laying out the paper work will be one of my tasks next week with my time off. I've also got some straightening of the apartment to do since we've decided to stay where we are until the end of the lease. This one is a long story, but we're content to stay through July and then will be happy to find a new place there after. Then, we will be very happy to find a new place.

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