Thanks For Caring !

Todays Flavors
Chocolate, World Class Vanilla, Cappuccino, Pecan Praline, Angel Food Cake, and Banana

Todays Special

Yogurt. Buy one get one Free 4-6 pm. Limit One. No Xl size. You must request special to receive it. Thanks

Daily I am greeted by concerned customers who are worried about the economy and ask me " How's your business?" question. Sugarless deLite is doing fine. I remind everyone that the life blood of any business small or large are the people who trade with you. We all have made cut backs to get through harder times. My suggestion is cut back on some the trips to the Walmarts and chains and support the small businesses . No, I understand that some trips are needed in hard times but check out the small resturants and small places that need your business more than ever. Hard times do not last for ever and as we start our Twentyth I remind you of how important each of our customer is to Sugarless deLite.

As many of you have seen. Brad has left our company after nearly 10 years with us. Brad is missed everday by Stacey and I. Do not be surprised to see him filling in some days when I need him. There is no better person than Brad


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