19 January 2009

Holidays, Eggs and My Meeting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Carmel, Mocha, Angel Food Cake and Banana

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Cones $ 2.08, regularly $2.77. Please request the daily special.

I really do not remember the day but I know the story. My family was in the grocery business in Downtown Atlanta from 1918-1964. Many Saturdays me and my twin brother would go to the store to "help". (Help like a 9 year old do in a warehouse) My dad said to me he wanted me to met someone. As most kids would think, I did not wanted to meet anyone. I prefer putting eggs in cartons.(For people who do not know chickens do not lay eggs in cartons that is why a 9 year old is good to take them from a large case and put them in a small carton. Great work if you can get it at 9) I was introduced to Daddy King and Martin Luther King Jr. who were buying supplies for the Ebenezer Baptist Church. I said hello and went back to putting eggs in cartons.

Today as I reflect on that meeting, I remind myself how much things have changed in this country. Number one, I was raised right. Being in business , I learned at a young age that customers come in all colors, shapes and sizes; yet they are all customers and due respect. Treat your customer right and you will do OK. Number 2 lesson for people who grew up in the 60's-70's is to never forget how far our great country has come. We know that "the mountaintop" was not easily reached but America is better for it. Celebrate.

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