The Price of Relief

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The San Francisco Giants sent Barry Zito down to the bullpen today. If you don't follow baseball this name might not be familiar. If you do follow baseball, then you know that this is the same Barry Zito that the Giants paid 126 million dollars for back in the 2007 season. Baseball fans also know that this is guaranteed money. Up until a few hours ago, Mr. Zito was the highest paid starting pitcher in the majors. Now, he is the highest paid reliever.

I don't really like the Giants, so this doesn't do anything for me except make me laugh. The amazing part is that this isn't a deal that involved the Rangers. Not that the Rangers don't have a whole set of their own problems. This is a list that includes sharing the worst record in baseball with the Washington Nationals. Way to go Rangers! At least we have the Mavericks...oh, wait...never mind.

Puzzler Answer: 3 and 5


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