Fair Day After All

Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Cappuccino, Devil's Food Cake, Vanilla Malt, and Raspberry Cheesecake.

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This peanut butter is 1/4 the calories of a regular peanut butter, yet it is still taste like peanut butter because it is made from peanuts. The secret is that most of the oil has been pressed out. The remaining powder can be reconstituted by mixing the powder 2 to 1 with water. It is also great for cooking, shakes, baking, or a plain old peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

We got out and braved the cool winds yesterday and managed to have a rather good time at the Scarborough Renaissance Faire. Aside from wondering in search of food and drink trying to stay warm, most of the day consisted of enjoying the shows and shopping the local merchant stands. One of the neat things about the event is the number of merchants who peddle in goods that you don't typically find in your normal stores.

There are a good number of artists there who sell their paintings, metal works, glass works, soaps, wood works, and candles. One of the purchases that I am most excited about, apart from our new collection of soaps, is a beeswax candle that, according to the lady behind the counter, has positive ions that pull allergens out of the air. I didn't really care about that part. I just thought it looked pretty cool and might smell good. I'm easy to please.

The day concluded with our traditional sword fight where we fight for glory and honor or, more accurately, the amusement of our wives, girlfriends or whatever other crowd might gather. It was a hard fought contest this year. In the end, I was able to scrap by with a win, but not before the newest entry Jack put out an incredible fight. I came very close to losing my crown and fear that next year I might not be able to defend against such a flurry of attacks.

Puzzler: Which two designs are identical when folded into a cube?


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