25 April 2008


Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Butterscotch, Mocha, Angel Food Cake, and Orange Vanilla.

Creme Pie Weekend! Today, tomorrow, and Sunday, we have our creme pies for $14.99. If you want a creme pie, call us today and place an order for the weekend. 972.644.2000. Ask us for the special when you place your order.

Green Tip: If you qualified for a tax refund this year or are getting a rebate check, consider converting some of that windfall to good works with a contribution to an environmental charity. (Do Your Part: Take time to find a group that represents your interests and concerns. These five well-known organizations are among hundreds competing for your support: Clean Water Action; Coast Alliance; Friends of the Earth; Natural Resources Defense Council; Sierra Club.)

Bonus Tip: While you're still thinking about taxes, keep in mind that improvements to your home's insulation can reduce your bill under federal legislation passed in 2005. Homeowners may be eligible for a 10 percent tax credit on insulation purchase and installation, up to a total of $500. [Brought to you by Page-a-Day calendars.]

If you follow the link about getting a rebate, you'll see that the government is starting to send the "rebate" checks out next week. So if you have been contacted about receiving a check, and you did electronic refund, you might see a deposit in your account sometime next week. Apparently, those who paper filled can expect to see their checks within the next three to four weeks. My wife and I are ready to put our to good use by donating a portion and placing the rest of it into savings.

Happy Birthday Wishes to Gina Torres. Mrs. Torres has been in many television series, however, is on this list for her role of Zoe in the show Firefly and the follow up movie Serenity. She is married to Laurence Fishburne who she met on the set of the Matrix.

Honorable Birthday Mentions: Renée Kathleen Zellweger-actress, Darren Woodson-former NFL player, Jason Michael Lee-actor and professional skateboarder, Tim Duncan-Spurs basketball player, Björn Kristian Ulvaeus-Swedish musician and composer (ABBA), Alfredo James Pacino-actor, Andy Bell-musician (Erasure), and Joe Buck-sportscaster.

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