15 May 2006

Not so Tasty Addison.

I attended the Taste Addison festival on Saturday evening this weekend and will admit that I was not very impressed. The problem might seem like an odd one to many; however, the issue lies in the fact that there was quite simply too much food per serving. At four to five dollars per serving, the natural thought might be that the expense was an issue. Instead, I found myself receiving these full size portions and filling up by the second booth.

I wish that the venders would have given smaller amounts for less money. A small sampling at 2 to 3 dollars would have been preferable to the full size serving at 4 to 5 dollars. Then I might have been able to enjoy more of the tastes of Addison. The festival seemed to have missed its calling...and don't even get me started on the Pirate's Den ride at the carnival.

The Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Butterscotch, Coffee Royal, Angel Food Cake and Juicy Raspberry.

The greatest thing about Addison on Saturday evening was walking to Sherlock's from my parking spot after leaving the festival and hearing the entire town erupt in cheers. I was able to get into Sherlock's to see the final 2 seconds of the Dallas Maverick's game. Closer that it should have been, but a victory none the less. I hope that Dirk's ankle holds up and that the defense is a little more solid for the game this evening.

I also hope that those of you on our email list who received the Dallas Maverick's yogurt pass are enjoying each and every one of these victories with a free yogurt. Not on the list? Email us at info@sugarlessdelite.com and leave a message letting us know that you would like to join and your email address.

One of the questions that we often hear is "Do you use Stevia?" Our answer is a simple no with the reasoning that it is not an approved sweetener by the Food & Drug Administration. Many people believe that as a natural sweetener, the product has to be safe. Unfortunatly, this is not always true. This article by the Nutrition Action Newsletter explains a little more about Stevia and reaches a logical conclusion that I would expand to include the use of Spenda® and NutraSweet®. Hope this helps everyone.

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