Sugarless deLite at 20 and other Funny Stories

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Today's Blast From The Past... Circa 2004

This very nice customer would come to our store regularly. She was an adult but she was not 5 feet tall and very tiny. She stood out because she was 40'ish and wore alot of Disney clothing. This very tiny customer would always get and XL yogurt. If you haven't seen it, the yogurt weighs 18 oz and is alot of yogurt.

As the story goes, our tiny customer( who is very nice) is eating this XL yogurt. A rather large women who was well over 400 pound sees the small lady eating the yogurt. The larger women says " I don't think that I could eat some thing that large!" The tiny customer responses without a pause "You must be eating something"

At that moment I tried to find a rock to crawl under and retreated to the kitchen in the back. People sure are funny.

If you like these stories leave comments and I will keep them coming


Anonymous said…
Yes, keep them coming! That is very funny.

I'm an average sized woman, and I eat either a small or a medium. Wonder what comments I might get?

Great store, great products. Thanks for being there.

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