12 October 2009

Did You Know Diabetics Count Carbs ?

Tuesday's Flavor

Butter Brickle, World Class Vanilla, Chocolate Decadence, Egg Nog, Pina Colada and Coffee Royale.

Calender Special

Mini-Small 99 cents 4 ounces

Blog Special

Cream Pies Normally $19.99 Today $ 13.99 Limit One and Limit to Supply on Hand

Random Thoughts

Thing that I am told or asked about Everyday

1. I bet you don't know that diabetics have to count carbs

2. I am a diabetic so I cannot eat fruit.

3. I do not care if the baked goods are not low calorie, I am on Weight Watchers

4. I don't drink so I can't have "sugar alcohols"

5. What does "Peach" taste like?

6. I love the cake ! Do you think my mother will like it?

7. On a 100 degree day, " Will my yogurt be OK in the car,if I make a 15 minute stop at Tom Thumb and leave it in the car?

8. You mean the frozen yogurt will melt if I put it in the refrigerator

We love our customers but even though Sugarless deLite can take some calories out,we can not change the melting point of products,make cake zero calories or know what your Mom may like.....but we will work on it. By the way the Peach, tastes like Peach

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Anonymous said...

This made me laugh out loud. I love you guys.