14 October 2009

4 Days Until The Fair Is Over and Other Scarey Thoughts

Thursday's Flavors

Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Egg Nog, Pina Colada, Butter Brickle and Coffee Royale

Random Thoughts

In 1995 and 1996 Sugarless deLite had a booth at the State Fair. We or should I say "I" worked the 24 days of the Fair from a small booth in one of the New Car Building. It was a total waste of time. 24 days in a row, 12 hours a day, and really worthless. Here are some tips for you fair goers for the final days

Tip # 1 Forget the turkeys legs. The further you are away from the main drag the more likely that the food you are about to eat was not cooked that day or week. Once again note above comment above, I spent 24 days at the fair and learned the hard way.

Tip # 2. On Texas vs OU people start getting to the Fair early. I arrived to work TX/OU weekend and found the Fair ground full of drunks at 9:30 am. This is not a family friendly day.

Tip #3. Best restrooms to use are in The Hall of State building or any museum.

Tip #4. Take the Dart. Transfer at West End to the Green Line. It will drop you off at the front door.

Tip # 5 Don't eat anything that involves the frying of a fat product. For example, a friend told me that Fried Butter tatse like greasy garlic bread, There, I just saved you 12 tickets or 3 million dollars. Please spend it at Sugarless deLite.

Tip #6 The reason they do not sell the following items at real store
Magically Marking Pen
$ 50 Car Wax
Towels That absorb the Red Sea
Glass Defogger
Velvet Paintings or similar products

The reason these are not a Kohls, Walmart etc is because they don't work outside the fair grounds and do you think anyone would spend $ 14 to re-enter the fair to take something back. I got most of these items in my garage except for the black picture of Elvis.(that is still in the living room)

Enjoy the Fair.

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