11 December 2006


Last night my girlfriend and I along with her roommate and her boyfriend went to the night of 1,000 voices concert at Prestonwood. The music was great. Toward the end of the performance, the children's choir and the Jr. High and High School choirs joined the 800 plus adults on stage and sang the final 3 songs with them. It was pretty amazing to hear. Excellent job to all of those who sang and to the orchestra. Thank you for a wonderful evening.

After the concert we went to IHOP for dinner. Here is a gift idea for anyone who is still doing some late shopping and has a college aged kid or 20 something in the household: Buy an Entertainment Passbook. I have started buying one each year. Even after I let the guys at work pilfer through the book for the fast food coupons, there are so many excellent offer that save a lot of money. Armed with the buy one, get one free for each couple, our total came to 20 dollars for the for of us. :)

Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Caramel, Coffee Royal, Grasshopper and New York Cheesecake.

Tonight is buy one, get one free for the frozen yogurt (limit one, excludes XL).

We are starting to come upon crunch time for the holiday shopping season. Hanukkah will be here in 5 days and Christmas is only 14 days away. Be wise and shop early. We are sending out a lot of mail orders today and will be doing so throughout the week. If you want us to ship, please place your order by the 18th so that we may get it there in time for Christmas.

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