19 June 2008

Why Do Hamsters Like Garlic?

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My daughter has a pet hamster and I asked her do you know what hamster really like to eat. She did a web search and found that garlic was on the list. We thought about it and decided that her hamster would get apples,carrots and seeds but no garlic. I use this to make a point of how we choose to eat. Many unhealthy diet include high fat and too many simple carbs that are bad for your health. As people we tend to choose foods that are too greasy or in too large of portions. Most animals that live in the wild eat OK and do not get fat. So I was thinking that if we gave Tula, the hamster, a little bit of garlic , it may be OK. I bet if it is not healthy for her she will not eat it. The same can not be said for the human race.

Todays Answer # 1 Yes !!!! Everything is sugar free and most are all natural.

1 comment:

Miss 376 said...

Our hamsters get nibbles of lots of different things, but garlic has never been one of them. It would never have crossed my mind