Democracy in Action

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My friend and I managed to survive our brush with democracy and the state Democratic party this weekend. In the process we had a great weekend with our friends who live in Austin, and we were able to make new friends at the convention. The convention itself was a crazy mix of a market place of merchandise and ideas with a bit of support to be found for just about every cause.

The process itself was long and overly tiresome because of poor management at the local level. While the overall theme of the weekend was unity, the sentiment on the floor of the convention was anything but unified. Many on both sides of the divide chose to stay divided on hold on to lingering resentments. It will be interesting to see if the pledges of support by party leaders trickle down to the base supporters over the next five months.

The upside to the convention is that the location was Austin. In addition to having a wonderful local flavor with its unique restaurants and local haunts, Austin is the home of two of our good friends from college. I'd like to thank Ted for putting us up at his place over the weekend. Thanks to Jeff for coming out and meeting up with us on Saturday. It was good to see you both. Of course, thanks to Sharon for driving and being my partner in democracy.


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