700 Club

Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Maple Nut, and Very Berry.

Brownie Special: Get 2 brownies for 5 dollars (limit 4). Please ask for the special price.

The bagels, pita, and English Muffins are in stock. We have all varieties available. Perfect for any summer time program. Come in and enjoy today.

It doesn't seem like it, but we've now hit 700 blog entries. The most interesting effect of the daily blogging at work is that my personal blog sees so little attention. For the most part, this blog acts as a personal blog where I share a little about my life, but I do tend to stay away from personal viewpoints. The result is that I stay with the safer subjects such as the environment, civic issues rather than politics, and music.

Of course, the everyday business of life is the biggest entry leader. The follow-up categories are weather, sports, the environment, and baseball. While I do try to keep it mixed up, I know that I've got my favorite topics. Thankfully, I know that some people actually do read beyond the yogurt flavors and store specials. Thanks for sticking with us.

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