Braves are In Town!!!

Yogurt Flavors:

White Chocolate Raspberry
Butter Brickle

As many of you know, I love baseball and my hometown Atlanta Braves are in town for a 3 game series. I know that it is hot but its the Braves. I will head out to the park with my one point Chocolite Bars and a couple of 2 point Gnu bars and will enjoy a night of baseball. Remember that Sugarless deLite has dozens of low fat, low calorie, low carb items that make healthy eating cool. Do not go on a diet join us at Sugarless deLite and enjoy eating again. The yogurt is a great summer treat. ALL NATURAL. FAT FREE. TASTES GREAT. Enjoy the day. Baseball...Summer....This is a great life we have in the USA. Hi Brad!


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