Red vs. Blue

There is something about watching a train wreck that makes it so hard to turn away. It doesn’t help that my degree from UT Dallas is a Political Science degree. Last night was kind of like the Rose Bowl for poly sci people. If you’re a fan, you have to watch it. After watching around 5 straight hours of the watching the results roll in, I turned off the TV at 1 AM when I knew that the final two states (Virginia and Montana) would probably not be decided until a month of litigation and a recount. Somehow I don’t think that this is what the Founding Fathers had in mind. Welcome to democracy in the 21st century.

I hope that everyone got a chance to vote. If you didn't get a sticker, you are not the only one. My polling station also did not give the traditional I Voted sticker. I was a little bummed about this, but I think that my shirt yesterday let people know that I had participated in our democratic system. (I can't believe that they let me wear it into the polling station.)

The Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Toffee Nut, Angel Food Cake and Lemon.

Wacky Photo Wednesday: (Photos of other people and animals who stayed up too late watching election coverage.)

Important Shocking News: Britney and K Fed to divorce! I didn't see that one coming.


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