Time Out!

It looks like my prediction of the Dallas Mavericks in 6 was wrong. For only the second time all season, the Mavericks drop three games in a row. The game last night was a debacle that the Mavericks should have won. Was the officiating bad? Yes. Get over it and play the game. Ultimately the Mavericks have no one to blame but themselves and their soft play, missed free throws at crunch time and a mental cramp with 1.9 seconds left in over time.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Father's Day weekend. Believe it or not, today we are having our first Christmas meeting of the year. That's right; Christmas is just over 6 months away so the retail side is starting to kick into gear. No need to worry though, we won't hang up the decorations until November. Where does the time go?

The Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Toffee Coffee, Pistachio, Boysenberry and Marshmallow.

We have just received a re-supply of the Gnu Foods Flavor & Fiber Bars. These are excellent tasting snack or breakfast bars that are packed with 12 grams of fiber. My favorite is the Orange Cranberry. We have a new case pricing of $34.99 for the case of 16. Mix and Match your favorite flavors and save 30 cents per bar.

We also have two new candies. We have Peanut Butter Bars and Chick-o-Stick candies now available. Check the dispenser where the candy bowls are located and try some of these great old fashion candies.

I just read that Jenny Craig has been purchased by Nestlé. Oh, the irony! Ok, I'll admit that it is not as ironic as it first seems since Nestlé does much more than the chocolate which its business is so frequently associated. However, I just can't get this image of a giant chocolate bar devouring Monica Lewinsky out of my head. Maybe it's just me.


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