The Heat Is On

It seems that the people in Dallas are a little less cocky today with Miami proving what a veteran team can do in the playoffs. Talk about your let down games. I'm still thinking Mavericks in six. I guess we will all find out if that is possible on Sunday night.

The Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Mocha Fudge, Pistachio, Banana Macadamia Nut and Marshmallow.

Don't forget this weekend that Father's Day is on Sunday. Make sure to stop in and pick up any of your sugar free needs for bakery items, chocolates, candies or coffee syrups. If you need a cake or a pie, call us at 972.644.2000 by 8 PM this evening and we will be happy to bake one fresh for you tomorrow or Sunday.

Friday Fun Fact: Betsy Ross, who is credited with sewing the first American flag, was disowned by the Quakers. Born and raised a Quaker, Betsy Griscom was cut off emotionally and economically from her family and Quaker congregation when she fell in love and eloped with John Ross, an Episcopalian she had met at the upholstery shop where she was apprenticed. After her husband was killed in an explosion during the Revolutionary War, a meeting with George Washington inspired the 24-year-old Betsy to sew the first American flag in 1776. She rejoined the Quakers and married again twice; both husbands died before she passed away in Philadelphia at the age of 84. (This fact brought to you by the Fact of Crap calendar.)

Happy Birthday Wishes to Philip Alfred Mickelson. For years "Lefty," who is actually a right handed person who swings from the left side, was considered to be the best golfer to never win a major. That all changed when he won his first major, the 2004 Masters. He is also one of only five golfers to shoot a round of 59. Want a free mini (4 oz) yogurt? (Limit one per person.) Come in today and tell us the name of the only female golfer to shoot a round of 59.

Is any one else seeing an advertisement for dog cookies on the Google ad bar? Talk about your odd ads. They get pretty random up there sometimes.


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