Yesterday's Super Blog Special Revisited

As I went through a TSA screening at the airport in Tampa,little did I know the special moments that were in front of me.
Let me set the back story. I fly quite a bit but I use to always check my bag. This was in the days that the airlines wanted you to check your bag so that they could save time on boarding; however since they have baggage fees of $25 a bag...the bag goes on board. Well since Obama has been in office we do not get TERROR alerts every day.(Kind of Nice to fly with out constant alerts of Orange and Red)
Well, I messed up and the above pictured "weapon" was in my bag.My fault that is was the 5.3 oz and not the 3 oz toothpaste. After a really nice TSA guy took my toothpaste and asked me about sharp objects, I was given the option to check my bag for $25 or surrender the toothpaste. After moments of thinking,I left the toothpaste in Tampa and the world is a safer place.
Today's Flavors are - Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Chocolate Cookie Dough, and Butter Pecan.

Blog Special

Bring me a 5 ounce tube or greater tube of unused toothpaste and I will trade it for $ 5 off in the store


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