The Impatient Flow of Weight Loss

We as a people are quite impatient. We hate waiting. Lines tend to turn us off. With weight loss or attempted weight loss we are big time haters of the process but love the positive results. Think about it. You see a person that has lost a lot of weight our first comment may be "You look great" and our second comment....think about it a second, now............. is "How long did it take you ?" We always want the person at say that I lost these 50 pounds in around 20 minutes so you think that you can start the same program in 2 seconds and be at goal by lunch.(Boy, am I Hungry) The second question is our key. We as people want the quick fix to our "Weight" issues. Nothing short of a instant weight loss will work.
 Yet,we know that all change takes time and that is where Sugarless deLite can help. We are not a diet plan but a 21st century store that offers the best tasting things for your lifestyle. We are not a health food store or a vitamin store. We have real food for real people. Pass the word to a friend and share this blog.Sugarless deLite is the underdog and we fight the good fight everyday against the big stores.
We are like the folks at "Cheers". We try to know your name and are always glad you came. So say "Cheers" for a free medium yogurt today. Limit one but you can buy a second for $1.99.

Today's Flavors

Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Butterscotch and White Chocolate Vanilla.

And we are glad you came!


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