23 March 2012

Beaming Two Up Scotty....

Thursday,William Shatner turned 81 years old. Are you kidding me! Captain Kirk is really old but if you have seen him lately in a Priceline ad.....not looking bad.
This is my Captain Kirk story. I was in grad school  at University of Texas from 1976-1978. I loved being in Austin. I had done my undergrad work at University of Georgia in Athens but this was the time before Athens was cool.
Well, the UT Student Body was bring William Shatner,Captain Kirk, in at Hogg Auditorium. I went and got my tickets. Being a Star Trek fan ,I thought this would be great. I lined up early to get a good seat. I was there an hour before the show and got a great seat. The moment had come and William Shatner comes on stage. Everyone is excited and then.....William Shatner,not Captain Kirk, starts reading poetry and Shakespeare. At first, I thought that this was a joke and Kirk would appear but no this was the William Shatner poetry hour that I had waited for. No questions would be accepted about Star Trek. I beamed myself  to the Armadillo World Headquarters and drank my sorrows away.

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