Choices ? We Have Them At Sugarless deLite

At Sugarless deLite you can say YES to our yogurt and pass on the "greens" every once and awhile

Our Yogurt Will Not You Fat

The self service yogurt stores give you a bowl as big as a bucket . As you consume there 42 calorie an ounce yogurt, you realize that the 16 ounces of yogurt with topping added up to 800 calories. No Kidding. When Sugarless deLite yogurt can give you a 7 ounce portion  for 91 calories, does it make sense to go elsewhere?
Let us meet you lifestyle choices with great products from Sugarless deLite.

Yogurt Flavors

Chocolate decadence,World Class Vanilla,White Chocolate Vanilla and Butterscotch.

Blog Special

Any size Butterscotch Yogurt $3.00 plus tax . Limit 3.NO XL


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