Why Do We Try and Workout ?

I hate going to the Gym the month of January. No, it is not because I have not worked out in months. It is the CROWDS ! All of those people who decided that they are going to workout for the New Year. I am happy for them but could they please not use "my" machine that is always waiting for me at 6:01 pm. "My"   machine knows me and I like it. It is right by the TV and I watch the news from a great angle but no today I will not have my machine and I will look at the person with anger who is on "my" Machine. The person may even smile at me and I will fake a smile hoping "my" machine will throw them to the floor. It is "my" machine.

All kidding aside, exercise and diet are partners that go hand in hand....so if the New Year brings a change in better eating habits then consider a trip to the Gym and OK you can use "my" machine.

Today's Flavors
Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Devil's Food Cake and Strawberry

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Strawberry and Devil's Food

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