Random Thoughts that You May not Know or Care About...

#1 Sugarless deLite opened on August 1st of 1989
#2 Sugarless deLite had a second store in Plano from 1991-1994. It was by Collin Creek
     Mall near Souper Salad.  We never really caught on there. During our peak, Sugarless
     deLite employed 32 people.
#3 We were open from 11am-11pm Friday and Saturday from 1989-1994.
#4 Most of our employees are UTD students
#5 We are open 363 days this year due to Leap Year.
#6 At least once a week I will tell people that we are open 362 days a year and they then
     ask me if we are  open on Sunday,  Think about it a second
#7  3 Products contain a small amount of sugar, Pumpkin Butter-Chipotle Sauce and
      PB2. Very small  amouts that are OK for most of our customers 2-5 grams of sugar
      or maple sugar.
#8 Tim, our Baker, has been with us since October 1995
#9 We give to dozens of charities of our customers every year. Thanks for asking!
#10  Saturday is our busiest day and Tuesday our slowest
#11 Yogurt was the king when we opened in 1989 and now it is an afterthought.
#12 Sugarless deLite has over 600 products

Today's Flavor

Chocolate Decadence, Vanilla Malt, Lemon and German Chocolate Cake.

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