Another Lesson ....

My wife has this Rado watch and it stopped working a number of years a go and she took it in for repair. This unnamed shop told her that the watch stem was broken and that the repair would be $180 which is greater than our original cost of the watch. By the way this shop was the authorized dealer.
Well, my friend Norman, who is a watch guy took it in for repair for me and Amazingly the watch needed only a battery and not the $180 repair.

My point is that the unnamed shop will never get my business and I will tell people to avoid them.No one likes a crook.

At Sugarless deLite , we are honest and beyond.If a person says that they are on Weight Watchers and ask us how many points are in a 12 ounce piece of cake we will say that the cake is not WW friendly. It is not because Sugarless deLite does not want to sell the cake but it would be dishonest to indicate the item is for a WW program with out a massive usage of points. Sugarless deLite wants customers that know we are "Honest brokers" and not only about the sale.

We know alot about alot of programs so  we can help.

Today's Flavors
Vanilla Malt,Chocolate Decadence,German Chocolate Cake and Lemon

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