I Like People but,,,,,,,,,,

You know the story.......

There is always a person who never likes anything. You know them. They know everything! The best way to drive somewhere,they know the best places to eat and they know everything about every topic; however if you differ with them you better hold on to your hat. So why do I say this......

I like all of my customers and am glad that they support my family and my employees. Yet in 2012, I want to share with you the truth. I do not care the politics of any customer. Be you on the right or left, watch MSNBC or Fox,whether you are white,brown, or black, you are a welcome customer at Sugarless deLite. I say this because at time as the political  retroric heats up, please know that we are in the Sugar Free business not politics. Words can hurt and be painful. Let us declare Sugarless deLite a Politicial Free Zone.

Sugarless deLite is a business with a soul. We like all people but we like nice people more!

And I Thank You !

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