Random and Sugar Free Thoughts

I had a poster in 1972 in my college dorm. It said something like this " It often shows a fine command of language to say nothing at all." This idea has been a great way to live. I always try and make sure that in my business at Sugarless deLite that I respect others and their ideas yet I feel a need to clarify myself.

#1 Please, Every article that is written on the web is not true; therefore because you saw an article on the web does not make it true

#2 A sweetener is not a good choice because it is natural, For example,arsenic, is all natural but not healthy.

#3 Stevia is not a great sweetener. It tastes like licorice and is not great in baking. For years the health food industry complained that it was not approved by the FDA due to lobbying against it. There is no larger lobby than the health food industry and try to fight against it.

#4 Most of all, please understand that we at Sugarless deLite are not Doctors but that does not mean that we can not be helpful in your eating choices. I have 6 years of college, a MSSW from the University of Texas and 23 years in the sugar free industry,If you want, we can help.
Today's Flavors

Chocolate Peanut Butter
Chocolate Decadence
Angel Food Cake
World Class Vanilla

PB2 Super Special

Buy one PB2 for $7.99, Buy a second for $5.99 and  buy a third for $3.99. Double Bonus- Get 6 punches on your PB2 card.Don't have one ? 10 punches get you a free PB2. 6 is a great start


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