Why we Diet ?

It's time ! It is past time ! I cannot walk without losing my breath. I cannot tie my shoes! I cannot see my shoes when they are on my feet. I want to be healthy. The list goes on and on, on why people want to lose weight or keep a healthy weight. We all have reasons why that we will start being "good" tomorrow.

We delay our programs because we do not want to give up our good tasting food. Well, Sugarless deLite has been the answer for 22 years for many of you. During these times that we have to make choices on how to spend the limited amount of $$'s we have, make a healthy choice and see Sugarless deLite.

Say you read the blog and spent $5 and get a free small yogurt.Limit one. All day.

Muscadine Jelly

Google Muscadine and you will find that it is a vine fruit similar to a grape but made for climates that are to hot for grapes. It was first harvested in the 1600's and we got it a Sugarless deLite. LOW CARB and Low Calorie....Sample some today.

Today's Flavors

Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Coffee Royale and Vanilla Malt.

Coming Wednesday

Check out our freshly baked Muffins daily. Pumpkin muffins and Apple Spice this Wednesday.


Yum all sounds good!

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