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Come on in today and buy one PB2 at the regular Price of $7.99 and get a second for $3.99.Limit 1 purchase of 2 total.

What is PB 2 ?
Have you ever wanted the great taste and texture of peanut butter without all of the fat and calories? PB2 is the solution to this problem. Made with USA grown peanuts that are slow roasted and pressed to remove 85% of the fat associated with traditional peanut butter, PB2 is a fantastic all natural peanut butter powder that, when mixed with water, has the same consistency and taste as regular peanut butter. Two parts powder to one part water. Mix powder into protein shakes for extra flavor. Great for Thai cooking.

Today's Flavors

Toffee Nut,Caramel Fudge.Chocolate Decadence, and World Class Vanillla


No one that works at the State Fair cares about you except for your money. Most dollars spent at the fair do not go into the local economy but leaves town when the fair leaves.Support local businesses and say no to Fried Food at the Fair.

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