07 October 2011

Big Weekend in DFW

Texas v OU Special

One thing that fans of OU and Texas agree on is Sugarless deLIte. So come on in today with a UT or OU shirt or hat and get buy one yogurt and get one free before Saturday's game.Limit one buy one get one free per shirt or hat. No XL yogurts.This is a Friday special.

Break The Fast Cakes and Pie

Yom Kipper will end at sundown on Saturday night, so as you watch the DVR on the Texas v OU game,enjoy it more with a Cake or Pie from Sugarless deLIte. Plenty of freshly baked items are available today for pick-up

Today's Flavor

Vanilla Malt,Coffee Royale,Chocolate Decadence and World Class Vanilla

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