20 October 2011

Great Enough Specials to Repeat- Also Dr.Oz Promotes PB2

Our 999 Plan at Sugarless deLite... Less Taxing !

Join Us for these 999 Specials

# 1 Add $ 15 dollars to your yogurt card for $9.99

#2 Buy 3 Walden Farms items for $ 9.99 Regularly $15.00 Limit 3

# 3 All candy in bowls are $ 9.99  No Limit

Dr. Oz
Welcome aboard 3 years later. Sugarless deLite has been promoting the greatness of PB2 for years and Dr Oz  has joined us by presenting PB2 on his show Tuesday. Looking for the trend setters...Look no further than Sugarless deLite. Normally, we are 3 years in front of the pack.

New Walden Farms Items

Sugarless deLite is the only store in DFW tohave in stockthe the  New Walden Farms Chipolte Mayo and Honey Mustard Mayo. Zero calories and zero carbs. They taste good and of course Sugarless deLite samples.

Today's Flavors

Peanut Butter,Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla, and  Banana

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