When the Mav's Win You Win this Friday-Open until 7 pm Nightly

Remember to use the Facebook Link and head over to our site and predict your Maverick point total in Game 2 tonight. Predict the Mav's point total correctly and win a $10 yogurt card and if the Mav's win everyone can score a buy one get one free yogurt.Limit 1. No XL.

Later Close

Now Sugarless deLite is open to 7 pm Monday-Saturday,Sunday stays the same 12-6

"One 4 the Road Cup" Comes Tuesday's in June

Ask for the "One 4 the Road Cup" and we will be glad to refill your cup for 99 cents more. Available for all sizes except XL.Tuesdays in June only. Limit one refill

Today's Flavors

Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Angel Food Cake,Pumpkin,Peanut ans Mocha Fudge.


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