Random Thoughts.....

Random Summertime thoughts

* Remember when it rained and we did not have to hear 3 hours of warnings.
* Remember when it rained and it was not "Breaking News"
* Kind of nice with the football strike to not see Jerry Jones on the sports every night.
* Kind of nice seeing the Mavericks good guys getting attention
* Nice to see the Rangers in 1st place
* Wish they had not closed the Regal at Keystone....Movies were $4 and first run at 4-6pm daily
* Glad that Sugarless deLite has customers that support us
* Wish that teachers,policeman and firefighters were not the people we balance budgets on
* Wish that it wasn't so hot

Today's Flavors

German Chocolate Cake,Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Caramel,Juicy Raspberry, and Orange Vanilla


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