Mav's Great Victory Bring Sugarless deLite Customers Free Yogurt ..Once Again!!

Are The Mavericks this keeping you up to late? Well, I know that I have to watch ever post game interview and watch the highlights at least 3 times. I finally went to bed around 1am.Go Mavericks and come on in for the yogurt special. Buy one yogurt and get one free. Limit one. No XL. You must ask for the Maverick's Special.

Contest for Game 5 on!

Predict the Mav's point total in Game 5 and win a $10 yogurt card. Game 4 produced a $ 10 winner. Post today or e-mail us at All predictions must be in Thursday before 8 pm.

Blog Special

All Walden Farms are $1.00 off. Limit 4

Today's Flavors

Chocolate Mint,Angel Food Cake,Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Pumpkin and Toffee Coffee

Open until 7pm tonight


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