21 June 2011

Extend Your Life by Eating Healthy ?

Making good choices in eating is only part of the equation. Clearly exercise and not smoking are also keys. I find it odd when I walk into LA Fitness and see someone getting an extra puff out of their cigarette before going to the gym. Some may say that exercise is better than no exercise....but are you kidding me ? It would be similar to "dieting" until 5 pm and then eating a meat lovers pizza,Caesar salad,4 Cokes and brownie fudge sundae and saying that I had a rice cake before 5pm. Health is based on the whole package. I do not mean to be a downer but Sugarless deLite wants our customers,their friends and family to have a full and HEALTHY life. Just a thought.

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Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Cookies N Cream,Butter Pecan,Orange Vanilla, and Juicy Raspberry.

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