27 June 2011

July 4th is Next Monday..Shop Early for those BBQ Needs!

Baja Bob's ,sugar free and low/no carb mixers are great for the holiday weekend that is coming up. These items tend to sellout so shop early for your 4th of July needs.

Sugar Free Marshmallows

Sugarless deLite has sugar free and no carb Marshmallows that you can roast on the campfire and taste great. Stock up for the 4th

Hallman's BBQ Sauce

If you have not tasted this zero sugar and low carb BBQ sauce,come on in. This is the real deal with one carb and only 5 calories.Another product that is only at Sugarless deLite in the Metroplex

Today's Flavors

Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,German Chocolate,Caramel.Orange Vanilla, and Juicy Raspberry.

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