27 April 2011

"Weather" or not Sugarless deLite is Here on Stormy Days

Whether the weather is rough or the eating plan has you down,Sugarless deLite can help.Our yogurt is 14 calories an ounce. Most of the self service yogurt shops yogurt has over 45 calories an ounce. If you are thinking that all yogurts are created equally, they are not. Sugarless deLite yogurts are no fat,simple sugar free and LOW Calories.When eating good is important,think Sugarless deLite.

Today's Flavors

Chocolate Decadence,Chocolate Malt.Coffee Royale,World Class Vanilla,Butterscotch, and Raspberry

Exiting Flavors

Chocolate Malt

Super Blog Special

4pm-6pm only

All frozen large freezer yogurts are on sale for the price of a small.You can not at this price call ahead for us to pull you an order but we will set aside your order based on what is available already in the freezer..972-644-2000. Limit 5 at this price

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