11 April 2011

Random Bargain Alert ! Borders Bookstore

Borders is in its final days at many locations. They now have all the new hardcover books at 80% off. Yesterday, they were restocking new books that are not leftovers(junk) at 80% off. Early Christmas shopping at these prices are a must. The best selection that we found was at the Preston/Royal store. The store is heavily picked over but as of Sunday night, it is worth a trip.

Today's Flavors

Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,German Chocolate Cake,Caramel,Boysenberry and Banana Cheesecake.


PB2 is in

Blog Special

Large freezer yogurts are $3.23-Limit 5


Use your yogurt card and get a small yogurt for 49 cents. Limit 1

Close at 6pm nightly until June 1st

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