The Dogs Have It.

Today's Flavors
Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Chocolate Peanut Butter,White Chocolate Raspberry,Orange Vanilla, and Toffee Coffee

My name is Maggie. I am owned by Rick and Stacey, at least I like to let them think so. I am the real master of this domain. Every morning I am comfortably sleeping and they set this obnoxious alarm clock that wakes me. If they have to go to work, why should I suffer and have to wake up too?

I love go to the park and hanging with my peeps. Lots of people at the dog park were eating frozen yogurt cones from Sugarless deLite.

My favorite thing when I home is get my frozen yogurt at Sugarless deLite.I once snagged a bite of cheesecake off the coffee table. That was awesome! (But don't tell you know who).

So come by Sugarless deLite a or if you are lazy and want to stay at home. Flip on your laptop or iphone and order online at Sugarless deLite

Tell them Maggie and her friends sent you!


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