Open until 6 pm Nightly-Open 362 Days a Year

Did you know that back in 1989 when Sugarless deLite opened, we were open 11am-11pm? It was long hours and frozen yogurt was the king. 70% of our business was yogurt and we had lines for yogurt. Times have changed and around 10% of our business is yogurt.We have people buying cakes,BBQ sauce,protein bars,bagels and even ordering on the internet. Our 6pm close reflects that change of business hours. We would stay open until 10pm if the traffic supported it. After tracking evening traffic,Sugarless deLite has found 6pm during non-summer hours to be the best.

Our 7pm close will return on Wednesday,June 1st.Thanks

Today's Flavor

Mocha,NY Cheesecake,World Class Vanilla,Chocolate Decadence,Boysenberry and Banana Cheesecake.

Blog Special

Add on to your yogurt card today and get an extra 10% bonus. For example, you give us $ 50 and your yogurt card gets $60 added on and you also get a free small yogurt.


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