26 April 2011

Drought ? Not at Sugarless deLite

As we all pray for rain to end the wildfires,does it not seem that we are in a pattern of rain daily in our area? It is strange hearing about a drought when at the store we have had rain in 9 or so straight days. Rain or Shine ,Sugarless deLite is here to serve you.

Interesting Fact

I was reading over a stock report for Regal Cinemas and found and interesting fact. You know those concessions that are really over priced,well they are worst than we all thought. The stock report indicates that the expense cost on the concessions is 14%.This means that the $5 Coke cost them 70 cents to serve you. My advice....shop at Sugarless delite,where today's blog special is a small yogurt for $1.79. Limit 2.

Today's Flavors

Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Chocolate Malt,Butterscotch,Raspberry and Coffee Royale.

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