Where have all your Favorite Restaurants Gone ?

The answer is simple. They are all in Orlando. On our recent visit to Orlando, our family visited some old friend from Dallas....Tony Roma's...Pizza Uno...and Bahama Breeze to name a few. It is hard to understand how so many good restaurants can not make it in the Metroplex.Tony Roma's in Addison was always a favorite for my wife. Ribs and great onion ring loaves. Yummy. Pizza Uno was located in Addison near Jasmines. Great pizza and a fun place. By the way these restaurants, all offer great healthy eating choices that make it sad in not having them in town to choose to eat at.

Orlando has many thing to do other than Disney World but the town is run by "The Mouse" and guess what ? Disney does a great job but like everything in life it is not free.

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