23 March 2011

Knock,Knock on Heavens Door

Many of you that read the blog are regular customers and have heard the loud knocking of the 3rd yogurt machine. I had the middle machine repaired on Tuesday. I wish that I could earn $95 an hour plus a $58 trip charge and a fuel surcharge.The good news is the middle machine is doing great, the last machine is not or should I say "Knock doing well". The machine will continue to knock and then at some point it will stop working. Sad but true. The part to repair it is over $2,000 plus $300 to ship it from Italy.Labor of 5 hours would run around $500 more. Enough said.I wanted to update everyone of the story of the 'Knocking Machine'

Today's Flavors

Devil's Food Cake,Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Maple Nut,Lemon and Strawberry

Blog Special

Get a large for a price of a small. Limit 2

Blog #2

All Bagels in freezer that are regularly $4.79 are 2 bags for $6.99.Limit 6 bags

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