29 March 2011

Positive Outlook? We got it at Sugarless deLite

In life, isn't it funny that there are always people that complain. You know them..they are the people at the restaurant that always are sending their food back...At the airport they are yelling at the counter personnel. These people exist to complain. My approach is that these people are missing out on life. They are too busy complaining to enjoy most of the good things in life. They always believe that they have received the short end of the stick and must complain "or they will be screwed"

My approach is to be nice to everyone and not care about people who complain. When I see a server being yelled at by a customer,I stick up for the server.I support the underdog and believe that being nice or pleasant is a great option. It is why at Sugarless deLite, we have time to answer questions and try and educate our customers. We are in business to make money but we understand by serving our customers with top notch products and information, we can reach everyones goals. Rick

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Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Devil's Food Cake,Maple Nut,White Chocolate Raspberry and Orange Vanilla

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Anonymous said...

And I've seen in action that this is not just lip-service, but true. Kudos to you and all your staff for a consistently positive experience in your store. For years.