03 March 2011

Our Yogurt Will Not Make You Fat!

Strange headline ? Yes but it is true. While everyone one around town is buying yogurt by the ounce at other yogurt shops, they are putting on the pounds. Most of these other shops yogurts average 42 calories an ounce and that is without the toppings that add 100's more calories.

At Sugarless deLite our yogurt has only 14 calories and ounce and no fat or simple sugar. We sell it by the cup with set prices where you do not have to play the lottery to know how much your cup will cost before they weigh the yogurt and you find out you just got a $9.43 yogurt. No games at Sugarless deLite. Just fair prices and no fat.

When the other stores ounces turn into pound of gained weigh, remember Sugarless deLite.

Today's Flavor's

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough,Chocolate Decadence,Coffee Royale,World Class Vanilla,NY Cheesecake and Marshmallow.

Blog Special

Buy a pita or Bagel and get a small yogurt for $1.29. Limit one per bab

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