Monday Blog up Early- Annual March Madness Contest

Monday's Flavors
French Vanilla,Chocolate Decadence,White Chocolate Mousse,Maple Nut,Grasshopper, and Boysenberry

Win Sugarless deLite Gift Cards in Our Annual March Madness Contest


1. Print an NCAA Bracket from where you want.

2. E-mail or bring bracket by store by 11 am Thursday

3.Play in game does not count.Pick a winner of the first round game. The play in game winner will be a #16seed vs a #1 seed

4.Pick all games

5.Person with most total correct picks will win a $25 gift card. 2 nd place is a $10 gift card. A first place tie would produce 2 $ 25 winner .

6. Each entry should include your name and contact info. Couples can submit one entry per person.No entries for people under 16 years old.

7.If you bring your entry to the store,each person can get a free small yogurt for just playing.Sorry, no yogurts to go for someone not bringing it in themselves.

8.This is for fun.It will be judged honestly.If you take this contest too seriously, this is not the contest for you.

9.If you do e-mail your bracket in, send it to You can call to confirm its receipt. 972-644-2000

10. After the first game starts, we will not accept any entry.


If you correctly predict 56 games and win, Sugarless delite will double the prize.Limit one potenial double


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