29 April 2009

Wednesday-How about a Brownie Sale?

Today's Flavors
World Class Vanilla, Chocolate Decadence, Roasted Almond, German Chocolate Cake, Strawberry and Banana

Today's Special-Brownie Special- Brownies ($3.49) or 2 for $5.00-Limit 4

1943 Dietrich Bonhoffer arrested by Nazis

Bonhoeffer was killed for speaking out against Nazi Germany.

1953 Dale Earnhardt, auto racer (6-time NASCAR national champion)
1955 Kate Mulgrew, Dubuque Iowa, actress (Capt Janeway-Star Trek Voyager)
1955 Jerry Seinfeld, comedian/actor (Jerry-Seinfeld)
1958 Michelle Pfeiffer, Midway City Calif, actress (Married to the Mob)
1958 Daniel Day-Lewis, England, actor (Last of the Mohicans, My Left Foot)

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