27 April 2009

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World Class Vanilla, Chocolate Decadence, Roasted Almond, German Chocolate Cake, Strawberry and Banana

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All Cones $ 2.25 regularly $ 3.00

Tuesday's All Day Special-April 28

Recession Buster
Mini Small 3.5 oz only 99 cents Limit one- All Day

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Buy 2 boxes of Choc-o-Lite at the discount price of $ 29.99 per box and get a $10 yogurt card Free.

The Rangers have not gotten much love since they relocated here from DC in the mid 70's. Most people would say they do not deserve much love but wait a minute. They don't break your heart like the Mav's and Cowboys do regularly. The Rangers do not build up your hopes and then crash and burn in the playoffs. They stumble out of the gate, then act like they will make a run, and then by June most people are counting down to Cowboy Training Camp. The Rangers do exactly what is needed in this market place, they fill the gap between Cowboy seasons. Can you imagine if the Rangers were in the World Series the same Monday night that the Cowboys played a home opener against the Giants or Redskins ,you know where the media coverage would go. So my blogger special is simple, tell me one current Ranger players name for buy one get one free yogurt. Limit 1 . No XL. By the way, most of you know I am a Braves Homers, so if you want the Braves Special, I will extend the offer a Parfaits. Limit One/Free . Tell me one Braves players name for this special.

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