Round Trip

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In our brief 36 hour round trip to Austin, we managed to spend a little over 6 hours on the road, eat out 3 times, hang out for a couple of hours with a few friends, go to one outdoor concert, and use only one tank of gas. We filled up right next to our house when we left Dallas and returned to the same gas station to fill up again when we got home. Average gas millage = 38.7 mpg

The concert was of course the main reason for the trip to Austin. Rilo Kiley has quite a rabid fan base comprised mainly of mid teens and early 20's and slanting toward the female demographic. Outside of the humid heat, the concert was pretty good. It is the second time that I have seen them, and I do think that the smaller venue plus the headline position helped them greatly. Personally, I think that I like the lead singer's solo work more, but I can't deny that the crowd enthusiasm for Rilo Kiley was a fun thing to see.

It was a crazy weekend in college football. I'm getting to the point where I'm almost just pulling numbers out of a hat to vote. My 25.

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